White Gate Farm

White Gate Farm

White Gate Farm specializes in fresh organic produce, poultry, eggs, and flowers. Situated in Southeastern Connecticut on 100 acres of lovely New England landscape, it is a great destination for shopping at our farm stand, visiting the animals and seeing a small family farm that above all values the health of its customers and the environment.

At the Farm Stand

Our indoor Farm Stand is open WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS 9 TO 5

Currently on offer:

  • Carrots
  • Summer Rolls with Peanut dipping Sauce on Wednesday
  • Hot (or cold) Soup on Saturday
  • Quiche on Saturday
  • Morning glory Muffins on Saturday
  • Salad Mix
  • White Hakurei Turnips
  • PIZZA at noon Wednesday the 17th
  • Beets
  • Claytonia
  • Green & Purple cabbage
  • Kohlrabi
  • Rutabagas
  • Shallots
  • Yellow onions
  • Kale 
  • Gluten-free Breakfast Cookies
  • Chocolate Rhapsody cookies full of pecans and bittersweet chocolate
  • Fresh herbs: rosemary, thyme & mint
  • Vinaigrette
  • Organic, Pasture-raised multi-colored Eggs.  We will be happy to re-use your White Gate Farm egg boxes. 
  • Pickled garlic scapes
  • Tomato Sauce "Puttanesca"
  • Organic Coffee from Ashlawn Farm
  • White Gate Farm Honey
  • Cato Corner Farm cheese
  • Pesto: Cilantro; Arugula; Kale & Parsley
  • Salsa
  • Hot sauce and Sriracha
  • Sweet potato Hummus
  • Beet Hummus
  • Roasting chickens in the freezer
  • TURKEYS in the freezer


You may now pay with credit or debit cards (all but American Express) for purchases above $10.00.  Checks and cash still work well.

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Happy December!

   We have a few Holiday Turkeys available in the 14 to 15 lb range.  They are organic, pasture raised, humanely dispatched by us, and frozen.  Super popular, and they would be sold out if yours truly had not miscounted.  Cost is $6.50/lb.

   Our farm kitchen was super busy for Thanksgiving.  Esty and Anna baked 29 pies.  We are now offering gorgeous Christmas cookies: Hedgehogs, Snowmen, Stars, Christmas trees and Rosemary shortbread.

   The cookies are a Work of Art and would make excellent gifts.  You might also consider giving jars of our green or red jalapeno jelly, or our ketchup or tomato sauce, or honey, or a box of multi-colored eggs, or a gift certificate for either the farm stand or a cooking class.

   Even though it's December, we have lots of delicious greens in our unheated greenhouses and crisp sweet carrots in the field.  We are open until Christmas Eve (9 to 2), at which point we take a brief break and re-open January 14.   

   Our gorgeous laying hens of many breeds are enjoying their huge  pasture.  We appreciate them for producing delicious multi-colored eggs.  

   We look forward to seeing you here!