White Gate Farm

White Gate Farm

White Gate Farm specializes in fresh organic produce, poultry, eggs, and flowers. Situated in Southeastern Connecticut on 100 acres of lovely New England landscape, it is a great destination for shopping at our farm stand, visiting the animals and seeing a small family farm that above all values the health of its customers and the environment.

At the Farm Stand

The farm stand re-opens, Saturdays only, mid-march, but until then we have EGGS on sale anytime Monday through Saturday 9 to 5.  Please bring exact change ($6/dozen) or a check.


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Greetings All!

The Farm Stand is closed until mid-March, but until then you are welcome to come buy eggs Monday through Saturday from 9 to 5.  The eggs are on SALE at $6/dozen.  

The TWO events for Italian Food Lovers with Chef Michele Castelli are almost sold out.  The March 4 DINNER has 3 spots and March 10 Pasta-making Class has 1 spot. Tami Grooney's 4 Delicious Meals + the Magic of Menu Planning has 6 spots.     Please take a look!   

Kids Classes: Emily Florentino's classes are a sensation!  Typically they include a farm activity (harvesting something or visiting the chickens), creating two or three healthy delicious things (beet brownies are a favorite), a craft and a game. Children have several creations + recipes to take home.  Classes last 2 hours and cost $48 per child.  Food allergies cheerfully accommodated with advance notice.  Next class possibilities are April 12 and April 15.  Please let us know if either works for you; when we have at least 5 kids I'll enable the Pay Pal.

KIDS' CLASS PACKAGE: Buy 5 classes for $198, redeemable within 1 year. 

Job Openings at the Farm! Internships and Assistant Farmer Position (PDF)>

PS.  A note about WEDDINGS:  Although, this farm would be the perfect venue .... we currently do not have permission from the Town to host weddings or in fact any dinners for more than 50 people, and no amplified outdoor music whatsoever.   We are confident that this will change some day, but for now we are turning down all large or even medium sized wedding opportunities.