Deck the Halls! Christmas Caroling in the Inn

Raise your voices! Celebrate the Yule Season and honor Eleanor Robinson of the Roger Tory Peterson Estuary Center. December 8, 5 to 8 pm Read more

Mexican Magic hands-on Cooking Class

Join our Mexican farmer Laura Ramos and Chef Jesse Kramer for a fun evening creating a delicious Mexican feast. See Events for details. Read more

Thanksgiving Pies

We’re taking orders now for scratch-made at the farm Pumpkin, Apple and Brandy Pecan Pies plus Apple Crisp. See Special Orders. Read more

Thanksgiving Turkeys are all Sold Out!

Typical turkey collection day (remember, they’re frozen) is November 17. If you are cooking one of our birds, please watch the temperature! Our pasture-raised Broad Breasted Whites cook around 20% faster than their conventional, double breasted counterparts. Read more

F2H @ WGF *** November Opening

Todd Solek of Farm to Hearth Bakery is coming to White Gate Farm! Think bread, scones, pretzels, pizzas, pita … Wow! Read more

Farm Stand Open Wednesdays & Saturdays 9 to 5

Lambs Loving Life

Nine young ewes are above the chicken barn enjoying the long grass and tasty weeds. Be sure to admire them when you’re at the farm! Read more