Oktoberfest Dinner

3o Mile Brewing Co. comes to the Farm October 21 for an Oktoberfest Dinner prepared by Chef Michele Castelli. Read more

Turkey Reservations Underway

Reserve your organic, pasture raised Turkey here: Heritage White Hollands or Broad Breasted Whites Read more

South East Asian Street Fare at White Gate Farm

A feast for the senses! South East Asian Street Fare at the Farm on Saturday September 23. 5 spots left. Register by September 19. Read more

Food Schmooze at the Farm

It was a big thrill to have Faith Middleton and her gang venture to the farm to record the Faith Middleton Food Schmooze! Read more

Lambs In Residence

Once again we have nine lambs, all female, here for the season. ┬áBecause we love diversity, we have every color and style. Fuzzy faced whites are Romneys; smooth-faced white is Friesian; two light browns with big ears are Tunis; plus… Read more >