Our egg-laying chickens, Cornish meat chickens, and turkeys have a wonderful life. The day-old chicks arrive from the post office and are raised to adolescence in cozy surroundings in our barn and penned yard.

Their summer home is lush pasture with ample space to run around, scratch in the dirt and eat grass and bugs. Purchased feed for the chickens and turkeys is only organic. All the birds enjoy plenty of fresh organic greens, tomatoes, melons and so forth – the “seconds” from our farm production.

Our poultry selections reflect a commitment to bio-diversity: Laying hens include araucanas, which lay green eggs, Rhode Island Reds which lay white, and Buff Orpingtons and Barred Rocks whose eggs are brown.

Turkeys and Cornish X chickens are humanely processed on the farm. Eggs and roasting chickens (frozen, usually) are available at the farm stand. We are currently sold out of chickens and will offer our first of the season in June.

The turkeys are Broad-breasted Whites and a heritage breed, White Hollands. They may be reserved beginning in September, and will be processed in October and November. They are sold frozen for Thanksgiving.