White Gate Farm

White Gate Farm

White Gate Farm Stand

Organic carrots and radishes at White Gate Farm

The farm stand is now open on Saturdays only, 9 to 5.  We expect to open Wednesdays as well around May 1.

The stand features our fresh seasonal organic produce as well as eggs, frozen Cornish hens and other specialty items such as local honey and organic coffee roasted at Ashlawn Farm.

Whereas at the height of summer we offer piles of tomatoes, squash, beans and peppers, there is a good selection of salad and braising greens in the depths of winter as well as potatoes, parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, garlic and winter squash from our root cellar.

For the holidays we sell decorative wreaths and garlands, alpaca clothing and great farm gift items including White Gate Farm Gift Certificates.

Visitors are invited to explore the farm. We often have baby chicks to observe in the barn brooding room, as well as laying hens and turkeys in the pasture. In the spring we post a flag at the pond edge for prime tadpole viewing.

To receive periodic announcements about farm stand offerings, the arrival of baby chicks, opportunities to reserve turkeys and other farm news please contact us to join our email list.

Baby chicks at White Gate Farm