White Gate Farm

White Gate Farm


Edamame are soybeans at the shell-bean stage, the same beans that are served in Japanese restaurants -- although ours are not genetically engineered.

How to cook:

Pluck the pods off the stems and rinse.

Bring quart of water to a boil; add 1 T salt and beans. Boil for approximately 6 minutes or until beans inside pods are just tender. Drain and wick up extra moisture with a towel, then pile the pods into a bowl and sprinkle with more salt. Chill if the day is hot or serve warm. Put out a bowl for the empty pods.

How to eat:

Holding stem end with fingers, insert pod into the mouth and press with teeth to eject beans. Alternatively, hold pod to lips as if preparing to play a harmonica. Squeeze pod until beans pop into your mouth.