Farm Team June 2017 L to R: David, Pauline, Fred, Matt, Lesley, Kent, Paco, Amelia and Corey.

 Our Mission

  • To provide delicious food in a beautiful, welcoming place.
  • To educate about our organic practices that produce optimal nutrition.
  • To preserve White Gate’s farmland and open space.


“White Gate Farm is our go-to resource for the absolute freshest organic local produce, chickens, turkeys, lamb, eggs and even fresh prepared foods and gourmet larder offerings.

The courses are a great way to spend a few hours with friends, learning about, preparing and eating quality food. The staff always makes guests feel right at home and it’s a fun, hands-on community event.

I highly recommend White Gate Farm for top quality local goods and a top notch Connecticut farm experience.”         Liz Evans

You are not only growing and supplying a community with healthy, high quality food, you have made your farm a cool place to go.  Thank you for the spaces you have created. This is a destination I am highly recommending.”       Thomas Lata

Great vegetables and baked goods!!   Cheryl F.

Lovely displays!     L.B.

Makes my day to come over!     L.C.

Spreading love and kindness is even more essential today than ever!        Thanks, Jim & Cheryl

So glad I finally stopped in.  Such beautiful produce and super friendly staff. Definitely will return!! Enjoyed all purchases!       Elenora F.

Always a pleasure, each and every time with the warmest of welcomes! Absolutely love this farm, especially the people. And let’s not forget the best tasting organic veggies, food and treats.    Cindy S.

Wonderful Ambiance!!      April H.

Always a pleasure to visit and bring home such high quality, fresh organic produce. Your farm and business have set a high bar and we are all grateful! Sandy C.

Just like having a garden at home!  And the folks are precious, beautiful people, feeding us well!  Chrissy P.

Great samples!!       Diane E.

If I had to come up with one word to describe White Gate Farm it would be sincerity. Everyone is very helpful and genuine. I love buying their fresh, delicious foods and produce. I also love the atmosphere and the way they make you feel so welcome.     Damian K.

Always friendly and fun with the best organic produce around plus great soups, bread and savories.   Curtis D.

The BEST!!        Kathryn L.

Their gluten free & dairy free muffins are spectacular….I’m hooked! And the head lettuce is fantastic!        Christine S.

Love everything about White gate farm!   Suzanna G.

Friendly, personalized greetings and service. Jane B.

Incredible thoughtfulness and care for the guests was palpable in every aspect and detail of the farm, and in delightful interactions with the entire family and staff.          Jennifer N.


White Gate Farm occupies 100 acres of East Lyme, in Southeastern Connecticut.

The landscape is quintessential New England. Shaped by glaciers, it features small hills, outcroppings, ponds and a lake. Some of the once-cleared fields have grown back into wood lots. We have five fields that we keep open. For decades, several of these produced hay for area farms.

Glacial deposit resulted in a famous Connecticut crop: stones. White Gate Farm’s share of this bonanza forms approximately one mile of picturesque walls that have probably been in place since the 1700’s. In the 1940’s and ’50’s the site had a dairy operation called White Gate Farms.  In 1975, Ruth Lord purchased White Gate Farm from Bill Moseley. (Another previous owner was Elsie Ferguson, a star of silent films, who is buried in Duck River Cemetery in Old Lyme.) In 1999 Ruth’s daughter and son-in-law, Pauline Lord and David Harlow, moved from California to create the farm business, which has been certified organic since 2000. Six of the farm’s acres are now used for growing organic produce, for pasturing organic turkeys, meat chickens and laying hens, and for raising organic flowers.

A former icehouse sits on Pattagansett Lake, where it once stored blocks of ice cut from the lake.  The ice was delivered to ice boxes in homes in the area.

Our produce, poultry and prepared foods are available at our farm stand. We host cooking classes and farm to table dinners and welcome guests to stay in the farm house and converted ice house. Contact us to receive periodic email alerts about what’s new at the farm.